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How To Repair a Spray Bottle

Jun. 09, 2021

How To Repair a Spray Bottle

The spray bottle is a simple device that we use as a basic household cleaning product. Many other cleaners are contained in spray bottles. However, the design of many spray bottles makes it difficult to use the last point it contains. If you want to know how to repair a spray bottle to make it work effectively, you have come to the right place.

The spray bottle may also stop working normally for other reasons.

How to fix sprayer easily

There are many reasons why the spray bottle stops working. Sometimes the nozzle needs to be fixed, and sometimes the pipe needs to be fixed. Before repairing the bottle, it is important to figure out where the problem is or what might go wrong. Once you know where the real problem is, you can apply some methods to improve the spray bottle and make it useful and effective again.

Find the problem

The spray bottle pump relies on a spring-loaded plastic piston; this process works through a vertical pump mechanism or trigger. When you press the pump or pull the trigger, the piston forcefully ejects the liquid from the piston container through the nozzle.

There is usually a screw to fix the nozzle on the adjustment cap. After each spraying operation, the piston automatically retracts to form a vacuum in the compartment, and more liquid is received through the bottle tube.

If the sprayer does not work, it may also be because the nozzle is clogged. Or the piston seal is damaged. It may also be that the inner tube has not reached the bottom of the liquid.

When you can find the problem with the sprayer, you can easily find a solution. If you don't know what to do, here are some simple solutions.

Unblocking nozzle

For spray bottles that contain oil or anything that may solidify or harden, such as hairspray or anything else, you may need to clean the nozzle regularly.

Before cleaning the nozzle, unscrew the nozzle cap counterclockwise and try to spray again. If the nozzle of the sprayer is too hard, your sprayer may be working. If it is not strict, unscrew and separate the nozzle head, let it run under hot water or submerge it with vinegar. You can punch holes in the nozzle with a pointed object or a pin to clear the blockage.

If you have something like hair spray in your bottle, you can dip the nozzle in alcohol. You must take the entire sprayer out of the bottle and soak it in vinegar or alcohol to prevent serious blockage.

Lengthening tube

The spray bottle tube is designed to reach the bottom of the container. But usually, you can observe the tube curling and moving to one end or curling upwards. In this case, you can use the nozzle to fix a harder tube. If the tube is short, you can cut another tube and fix it with the tube you are using.

In order to keep the tube straight so that it does not deviate from the direction, you can install a nut to make it firmer in the end so that it stays straight.

Solving other problems

You may find that you are pumping the piston, but it is not retracting. This occurs when the spring is damaged or misaligned. In normal sprays, the spring may not enter. But if the spring is accessible, then you can quickly find one and fix it.

When bleach is mixed with water, the spray bottle may sometimes cause problems. To avoid this, you must be very careful, first you need to know how to mix bleach and water in a spray bottle.

If the seal fails and the trigger is still working, but the sprayer cannot deliver enough liquid, you can use the sprayer to spray vegetable oil to fix it.

The vegetable oil will lubricate the nozzle and clear any clogging due to the collection of unnecessary particles.

Solving minor problems

Sometimes, by applying pressure to the bottle or container, a blockage in the sprayer may come into play. If you observe that the sprayer is not working properly, you can check it by pressurizing a small amount of liquid through the nozzle. This process can only solve small blockages or problems in the sprayer.

Sometimes the hole in the nozzle may be blocked for any reason. In this case, poking in the hole with a needle or pin or other pointed object may give you a useful solution.

Pointy things can be lost or replaced by blockages. If you can blow from the opposite direction, the nozzle and tube can be used clearly and smoothly.

Sometimes, scheduling the sprayer and all other parts and re-fixing all parts can make it work. Because the spray bottle can throw off things stuck in the holes and nozzles. But this method may be effective or ineffective, but it does work in many cases.

Final words

Sprayers are something we often see in kitchens or household appliances stores. We use sprays for gardening, cleaning, and even disinfection. Therefore, sprayer is an indispensable equipment in our daily life, and the problem of sprayer is very typical.

In an emergency, going to the market to buy a new spray bottle can be a hassle. Repairing spray bottles at home can also save you time, money and energy. That's why we provide you with this article, so that you can easily solve the problem while staying at home.

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