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Benefits of Using a Lotion Pump

Aug. 02, 2021

Lotion pumps are one of the most used packaging solutions for high viscosity products. It has become popular among consumers and manufacturers because it can meet requirements. But, do you have any idea what are the benefits of using lotion pumps?

Lotion Pumps

The Working Principle

The lotion pump has the same function as the suction device, allowing the liquid to be taken out of the container and dispensed into the hands of the consumer.

When you push the container, the piston moves, the spring is compressed, and the ball is moved upward pneumatically. From the end of the dip tube to the housing chamber, the product moves under the action of air pressure and the ball. When you release the actuator, the actuator and piston return to their original positions, while the ball returns to its rest position. The chamber seals the channel and prevents the liquid product from flowing back into the bottle.

The Benefits

White Lotion Pumps for Body Lotion

White Lotion Pumps for Body Lotion

High-viscosity products Packing Solution

Lotion pumps are an ideal packaging solution for high-viscosity liquids. The pump action takes away the mess associated with so many high viscosity liquids like honey and food condiments. It can dispense viscous liquid neatly from the bottom of the bottle. 


It is very convenient to use a lotion pump, especially when you are holding something in your other hand. In this case, you can apply the product directly on your hands. In addition, it can dispense evenly metered and clean emulsions or liquid products. The bottle is very light and can be carried around, which is very convenient. In addition, it helps reduce transportation costs.


Their prices are relatively low. For cosmetic manufacturers and other consumers, it is an advantage to buy a reliable lotion pump at an affordable price.

OEM PP Dispenser Pump

OEM PP Dispenser Pump

Save Usage

The lotion pump can reduce product waste by dispensing a certain amount of lotion. More importantly, when the product in the bottle is exhausted, consumers can refill the bottle with a new product.

Exquisite Packaging Solution

In the cosmetics industry, lotion pump is a kind of exquisite packaging solution. It allows manufacturers to store their cosmetics in beautiful packaging.

Suitable for Different Applications

Used in a variety of applications, such as hair care products, cosmetics, automotive products, household products, pharmaceuticals, chemical products, industrial cleaners, etc. In addition, it has different sizes, you can choose the liquid pump according to the bottle size, product quantity and characteristics.

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