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We are engaged in manufacturing and supplying a wide variety of Plastic Bottle Pump , Trigger Sprayer, and other plastic products for our clients.

Our objective was and still is to be the good supplier of plastic bottles to small home based businesses and cottage industries at wholesale pricing and in small quantities. Stringent quality measures are taken to ensure all our products conform to the quality standards.

We worked hard to learn our customers' needs. We also provide custom-made services to meet our customers' needs. It took long hours and a lot of research to establish relationships with our suppliers and manufacturers to be able to supply our customers. We will continue to do our best to offer all sizes of businesses a large variety of Spray Bottles solutions.

Label & Packaging Design

1. Our service includes assisting in the creation of design concepts and prototypes for labeling, packaging.

2. We provide quality packaging and fulfillment services at the most competitive cost.

3. Our graphic artists can help you create a product label from scratch or update your existing design.

4. We have the experience needed to create a packaging and label design that ensures your product is found by prospective buyers.

Xiang Yue (Cangzhou) Plastic Products Co., Ltd.

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